Shirayuki & Konishi Tireless Efforts Through Centuries Of Hard Work

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SHIRAYUKI & KONISHI SAKE IN HONG KONG (RICE WINE) SHIRAYUKI Founded in 1550, Konishi family (founder, Shinuemon Sohgo) started making Sake on the side whilst selling medicine. Konishi has the honor of being the oldest sake brewery owned and managed by the same family. Hyogo Prefecture is renowned as being one of the most important sake-producing regions in Japan […]

The King Of VLC Cashew Nuts Drives The Cashew Nut Market Around

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This Kollam Cashew King Drives The Cashew Nuts World Markets A lifelong obsession with quality and the belief in a well-integrated business model have made K Ravindranathan Nair Indias undisputed cashew king. His company, the Kollam-based Vijayalaxmi Cashew (VLC), decides the fate of 20 out of every 100 cashews exported from India. Established in 1957, VLC […]

How To Make Plum Sake Umeshu (Japanese Plum Liqueur) 梅酒

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Plum Sake Umeshu Most people call it “plum wine,” but it’s technically a liqueur of plums Timer for preparing your homemade Plum Sake Umeshu For a brief window in the early summer, Japanese and Korean markets sell these tiny green fruits. Prunus mume, or in Japanese, 梅:うめ, is actually an apricot, but always referred to […]

ITO NOEN A 100% fresh & natural pleasure Juice

ITO Noen pure fruit juice

ITO NOEN A 100% fresh & natural pleasure   Ito Noen the passion for fruit Juice Since 1897, citrus fruit from the groves of Ito Noen farm, in the heart of Wakayama province, send the tastebuds of Japanese connoisseurs into raptures. Grown on south facing terraced fields helped on by 100% natural fertilizers, they take advantage of the maximum […]

7 Incredible Cashew Benefits: From Health to Gorgeous Hair

A popular ingredient finding its way into many Indian gravies, cashew – a plant originating from Brazil, is a nut high in minerals. Brought to India by traders, the cashew tree grows up to exceptional heights having a rather irregular trunk. Hanging from the branches are large juicy apples at the bottom of which are […]

The Case for Cashews by Marykate Marley

Two handfuls of cashews each day may keep depression at bay. A growing body of research has found that in lieu of taking a prescription drug, some people can turn to foods that are high in tryptophans, like cashews. Depressive episodes are often triggered when the body drops in serotonin and tryptophans can boost it again, but people tend […]

Shochu 101 – How Shochu is Made

Shochu 101 Shochu is another alcoholic beverage imported directly from Japan. The difference between Japanese sake and Shochu is that Japanese sake is categorized as brewed liquor, but Shochu is categorized as distilled liquor. The process of how Shochu is made Rice Steaming The steaming process of the rice helps to dissolve the rice starch […]

Japanese Sake grades System and Sake categorisation

SAKE 101 Improve your Sake types understanding and classifications of Sake types The types of sakes are divided in three categories, the “normal sake“, “premium sake” and the “super premium sake” .   To archive the category of premium sake, the rice used needs to be milled “polished” at least 30% off the original, leaving […]