Shirayuki & Konishi Tireless Efforts Through Centuries Of Hard Work

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SHIRAYUKI Founded in 1550, Konishi family (founder, Shinuemon Sohgo) started making Sake on the side whilst selling medicine. Konishi has the honor of being the oldest sake brewery owned and managed by the same family. Hyogo Prefecture is renowned as being one of the most important sake-producing regions in Japan and the Konishi family first started making sake in Itami. They were the first to start producing clear sake, an accidental discovery made when ash mistakenly dropped into a fresh batch of brew, turning it into a crystal clear sake.

Itami’s importance as a sake-producing area grew during the late 16th and 17th century, especially once the capital was moved from Kyoto to Edo (now Tokyo), to meet this demand the Konishi family launched a shipping company to swiftly transport their sake directly to Edo (Tokyo). Throughout history, the Konishi family have been at the front of sake production and innovation. Early adoption of new technology and methodology has allowed them to remain one of the most popular breweries in Japan. Their flagship brand “SHIRAYUKI” is well known, but it is their new brand which since the year of 2012, which goes under their family name of “KONISHI” which is reserved as the new brand name for their latest innovations.

The Divine Water

It is safe to say that Itami has an excellent water supply, having been an area renowned for sake production for hundreds of years. The Divine Water which is obtained from the shallow underground flows of water infiltrated through the layers of sand and shells while coming down from the granite hills of Rokko & Nagao mountains, it is of the unique and incomparable quality for brewing Sake with. Moreover, A large brewery like Konishi requires large quantities of the best quality of rice available. therefore a close relationship was forged with a number of agricultural co-operatives to ensure a reliable supply of quality rice. Before each shipment of rice, a sample is ordered & tested.

Tireless Efforts Through Centuries Of Hard Work

The longevity of a brand as of “SHIRAYUKI” for over four centuries. It is for the Brewery’s firm conviction and tireless effort that awarded them with such a splendid fortune as theirs. Although it has been an established habit with the Japanese to drink Sake warmed up moderately by putting the small pot of it in hot water for some minutes, thanks to the improved modern method of brewing, it has become a very fine enjoyment to take it chilled or use it as the base for Cocktails with other liquors as well as “On the Rocks.” 



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Remember that driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited by Law. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or when breastfeeding may adversely affect infants or fetus. Recycle cans and bottles.

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